Brit Milah

Brit Milah: The Covenant of Circumcision - How to Perform It in Milan, Italy?

Performing a brit mila ceremony for your baby boy is an important moment that creates lasting memories and traditions for your family. We understand the significance of this ritual and will do our best to help make it accessible for all families.

Our experienced and trusted mohel RABBI TZEMACH MIZRACHI takes the health and well-being of your baby very seriously and performs the circumcision with the utmost care and expertise. The brit mila ceremony involves special prayers and blessings, followed by the circumcision itself, during which the baby is given his Hebrew name.

If you’re in Milan or anywhere in Italy and are looking for an expert mohel to perform a Brit mila ceremony for your baby boy, please contact us for more information. I’m happy to answer any questions and work with you to schedule this special occasion.

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